How to prepare your makeup kit for a trip



So a dear friend of mine asked me, the undoubtedly makeup junkie, how to decide what makeup to bring to a trip. Because there’s just no way I will bring my whole makeup collection. I’d literally need a separate plane ticket for that!

I think to pack efficiently, you need to understand what you will be doing in that trip. Just vacationing under the sun, or attending a wedding or going on endless visits to touristy places, or a sweet honeymoon for two? This will determine the amount of makeup you need to bring. Like, If you’re only vacationing under the sun, why would you bring a primer with you?

Besides, believe it or not, I would rather spend my baggage allowance for skincare than make up. As a woman well in the 40s, I can’t afford to have a carefree holiday. I can’t go home to dry scaly skin, uneven tan and breakouts! So, for me, in the skin care department I bring at least:

  1. Makeup wipes
  2. Face wash/scrub
  3. Toner
  4. Night cream
  5. Serum
  6. Day moisturiser
  7. SPF (at least) 50
  8. Eye cream


Those 8 items will go to the bag that carries my toiletries (toothbrush, body talc, etc), and will sit in the bathroom counter at the hotel room.

Now for the makeup. These following items will have its own bag, and will go to the makeshift vanity in your hotel room. Make sure it is situated facing the window where you will have a natural light. So just in case, also bring a travelling mirror with you.

In deciding what makeup to bring, do think about these principles.

First, do think about one key item you absolutely cannot live without. For me, it’s brow pencil. It used to be mascara but since I had eyelash extension before my trip, I don’t worry about this part anymore. Not during my trip, at least. You may find the absolute key item to be lipstick, foundation, eye liner or even colored contact lenses, who am i to judge? Once you know it, focus on it. The rest will follow.

The second thing you need to think about when travelling is how you canĀ “abuse” the functionality of each item. If your eyebrow pencil can also be used as an eye liner, why bring two items? If your lipstick can also be used as blush, why bother bring another item? If your eye shadow palette can also be used as highlighter, blush, contour, even eye liner, then you can forget about bringing all those other stuffs.

The third principal is to think about what you are definitely fine without. I’m just lucky to be blessed with good skin, I am fine without foundation. So I just use spf and a little bit of concealer under the eye, and perhaps a little around the mouth where it tends to be darker, or to cover my sun spots.

A side principal to think about. Don’t worry too much about covering up imperfections. I do cover my sun spots with concealer, but lightly. If the spots still show themselves, I do the Elsa (let it go… let it go… can’t hold it back anymore…).

Lastly, bring only 1 pop of color. For me, it’s my beloved Mac Russian Red (feels like home!). For you, this may perhaps be a teal eye liner, or green eye shadow or even bright blushon. And then pair down the rest of the colours, to neutral versatile shades. I promise you the result will look sophisticated and chic!


Oh, and the tools! I know I often say that even the cheapest makeup will look great if you apply it with good brushes/tools. But during a trip, I count more on the greatest tool God has blessed me with: My fingers. So whenever I can, I opt for cream products that are easy to apply with fingers. I do still bring tools, but very minimal. Just blending brush, detail blush, and powder brush. For foundation, i use the small sponge that are actually meant for concealer only. Hey, if it works, right?

So I hope this is helpful. Let me know what your travel makeup essentials are!